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All Weather Gutter Installation Demonstration

This is how a typical installation would proceed.

1. Remove any existing gutter
2. Chalk mark fascia board on roof
3. VEE Bend near gutter outlet
4. Pitch gutter towards spout
5. Install flashing as needed
6. How the flashing works
7. Flashing and gutter
8. Hidden hangers
9. Complete with a downspout



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We want to be able to find the rafters behind the fascia board after the new gutter is installed, so we mark the roof where the fascia has been nailed to the house with chalk. This will wash away after the first rain. This guarantees a solid mount with the maximum amount of wood for our screws to bite into, some companies do not hit the rafters and only screw to the fascia board itself.



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We start the installation at the opposite end of the down spout and keep it as high as the shingles will allow and tack it into position. We then place a level every ten feet or so to make sure we are pitching the gutter towards the down spout to insure proper drainage. The amount of pitch will depend on the building itself and if its level or not. There is no set amount of drop to length as some people and other companies may think. Each building is unique and we always use a level, regardless of length, to make sure we have the proper drainage. If there is a down spout on both sides we start in the middle and work our way out to the ends to split up the water.



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Here you can see the flashing installed and how it works, Its designed to extend 1” up, under the shingles and 2” into the back of the gutter. this way when the water rolls off the roof it hits the flashing and goes into the gutter, and not behind it. In this example there is not a lot of pitch to the gutter but in a longer run the gutter may have to drop down further and leaking can become a problem if there isn’t a flashing installed.



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Now you can see why marking the roof earlier is important, we know exactly where each rafter is to install a hidden hanger on every mark with a 2” deck screw. Some companies use nails which can back out over time with the freeze and thaw of winter ice. Hidden hangers give a clean appearance to the outside of the gutter while allowing for expansion of winter ice without causing damage to the gutter. Because we hit every rafter, either 16” or 24” depending on construction, you can lean ladders against it without worry, however, I recommend wrapping the rails of an aluminum ladder to prevent scratching.



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We start by removing any existing gutter system, in this case its new construction so there is nothing to remove.


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We place a VEE bend in the back of the gutter over the outlet. What this does is draw the ends up creating a slight VEE shape bend in the bottom of the gutter making the outlet the lowest point.


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At this point we install the flashing if there is no existing flashing already installed on the building. This is 1”x2” remodel flashing, if the roofing company installed a flashing it will be 2”x2” which offers more protection, so if you have a choice and the roof is going to be replaced, have the roofing company install the flashing at the time of shingle installation. If that isn’t an option, rest assured that the gutter we install will be flashed. Other companies may not install a flashing unless you request it, but we put it in writing.


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You can see here how the flashing covers the back of the gutter making sure water can not get behind it.


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Install the down spout and you have a system ready for years of use. Don’t forget to clean out your gutters after the trees have dropped their leaves in the fall, or see what we recommend for leaf curtailment in the gutter 101 section.

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